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WaterPixie Press Release

Living Systems Introduces the WaterPixie
The New Guardian of Your Garden

Living Systems, a company who asserts their mission as “a desire to improve the human condition, through our connection with plant life”, has recently released a new device that promises “A Green Thumb for Everyone”. The WaterPixie is a sleek, simple gadget that can be inserted into a plant’s soil to monitor the level of moisture and notify its owner when the plant needs to be watered.

The majority of household plants die due to over watering. This new plant-saving device intends to eradicate this problem forever by giving plants a voice. Through constant measurement and analysis of soil moisture levels, the WaterPixie will chime and emit a gentle flash when the plant requires additional water. Though there are similar devices on the market, the WaterPixie is differentiated by design, durability, cost effectiveness, and battery life optimization.

“Because it will never corrode, the WaterPixie can live in the soil next to your plant. There are similar, more expensive products on the market, which fail due to corrosion or poor battery life. In comparison, the WaterPixie was designed to last as long as you own it.”

– Federico Marques, Founder of Living Systems

The Water Pixie provides immediate results. The burgeoning company’s team of scientists have done research on a variety of household plants, discovering that there is a common inflection point at which plants begin to wither, and eventually die. Essentially the set-up work has been done for you. Once the WaterPixie is inserted into the ground, it will take a reading within 10 seconds. This reading will tell whether the plant needs water; if so, the Pixie notifies with a pleasing chime.

The sleek design of the Pixie, about the size of a pen, will not topple small plants. And because no initial set-up is required, it can be moved from plant to plant with ease. In addition to the WaterPixie’s simple design and ease of use, the cost-effective gadget makes it easy to replace the batteries- which should last two to three years initially.

As a companion to the WaterPixie, the Living Systems team is currently designing The Pixie App, which will allow you to talk to a variety of plants, even while you are away. With the app, the WaterPixe can take additional readings such as the pH balance of the soil, temperature, light levels, and more. The app then connects to an overall network, the Pixie Garden System – allowing for monitoring of numerous plants at the same time. You will able to monitor plants from your home, office or patio garden remotely, and gather data on the health of all your plants. Push notifications are sent only if a plant is lacking in anything that may stunt its growth. One could build their own garden both virtually and literally.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help The Water Pixie make its way out of production and into homes, businesses, landscaping companies and more. With a mission of “making the world greener, one plant at a time”, The Living Systems team stands by their belief in the healing power of plants, and their drive to give them a voice.

About Living Systems

Our noble purpose is to enhance the human condition by making it easy to bring nature indoors so we can all reap the benefits that come with being surrounded by plants. We believe in the power of plants. And we believe humanity can be improved through our connection with plant life. In today’s fast paced world of concrete jungles and high-rises, it’s difficult to maintain any connection with nature. Yet, plants and humans are natural partners.

Our mission at Living Systems is to facilitate and celebrate that connection once more. By using modern technology to work with the laws of nature, we provide you with the most cutting edge research and technology, and give you the tools to harness the power of plants.

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We love giving back to blue! Living Systems is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, an organization connects businesses, consumers and nonprofits to make a positive change for the Earth. One percent of all Living System proceeds will go directly to this organization- and directly into the movement for a healthier planet.